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      Leverage cleansed enterprise database for effective campaigns


      Reach out to more accounts with updated company information


      Gain unified customer view by linking data from various sources

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Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Data Quality Management also involves enriching and appending missing data to provide a more complete customer view in order to improve retention and increase sales.

Organisations are increasing looking into enriching internal data sets with different data sources. However, there have been studies that suggest that many are missing out the opportunity to derive critical business value from properly harnessing unstructured data.

Ent-Vision serves to reinnovate the way that data enrichment has been traditionally done through telecalls, list rental or human append.

Ent-Vision Data Enrichment seeks to enrich your database by filling in missing data with enterprise-wide narrative data and public data, with our advanced capabilities in transforming unstructured free-text to meaningful structured data.

Data Enrichment

Corporate Data Enrichment

Enrich corporate database by harvest up-to-date information from numerous reliable public sources to gain greater and valuable insight for more informed decision making.

Narrative Data Enrichment

Narrative Data Enrichment

Extract valuable information from enterprise narrative data such as customer support request and survey report for tailored modelling.

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Account Profiling
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Ent-Vision's Account Profiling demo provides a one-stop platform for you to look up to the availability of company information in Ent-Vision database.

Related Companies
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Ent-Vision's Related Companies demo allows you to check on the availability of family hierarchies based on certain accounts that you might be keen in growing and expanding.

Please contact us at sales@ent-vision.com for more information

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